Neville and Paul of New Zealand Organic Meat


New Zealand Organic Meats was brought together by directors Paul Ruddenklau and Neville Parkinson who both come from strong farming backgrounds with years of experience between them. Organics brought the two families together, and soon it became clear that both of their farming families shared similar values and end goals. Their story of how they became involved in organic farming and sustainable management practices was spurred by a desire to do better for their land, produce clean and healthy produce for their family, and encourage other farmers to do the same.

From this, Neville and Paul were able to build up a business and soon looked at expanding their small network to seek overseas markets. Since being established in 2019, the company has formed a successful partnership with Australian Organic Meats (AOM), working with Matt O’Leary and Simone Tully to identify both domestic and international market opportunities for organically certified, grass-fed beef and lamb. The company aims to strengthen the organic industry as a whole, delivering value to both their suppliers and customers by working with their farmers and processors to meet the growing demand for the highest-quality, chemical-free red meat.