NZOM sources both beef and lamb from producers in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. We are continuously working with our producers who share the same goals of sustainability, environmental awareness, and best health practices for the animals.

These producers come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from alpine mountains to coastal grazing country, with extensive green grass pastures in-between. This diversity ensures seasonal supply and extensive opportunities to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

New Zealand organic sheep and beef farms are required to be certified to the New Zealand and international organic standards. This strategy reinforces consumer confidence that our products are sourced sustainably.

NZOM has worked really hard to bring an excellent group of organic producers together to provide clean organic meat in partnership with the Australian Organic Meats Group to our customers domestically and globally.

A selection of our NZOM suppliers

Meet just a few of the great organic suppliers NZOM has on board from around New Zealand.

Bruce & Denise McGill

Farming 900 hectares of hill country overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Catlins region of New Zealand, near the town of Owaka. Find out more.

Bruce & Denise


Matt & Alice Henderson

Matt Henderson is a third-generation farmer who runs the 300-hectare Milmore Downs farm in the Scargill Valley of north Canterbury. Find out more.

Matt & Alice


Quintin & Rebecca Hazlett

Quintin & Rebecca made the decision to convert their farm to organic after running it conventionally for 7-8 years. Find out why.

Quintin & Rebecca


Rosanne Allen & Peter Fowle

Farming sheep, beef, and deer, in Western Southland keeps you busy. Find out how.

Rosanne & Peter


Paul & Tracey Ruddenklau

Farming in the Te Anau basin proivdes a perfect climate for delicious food. See how they draw on the fantastic Fiordland setting to bring you NZOM.

Paul & Tracey


Neville & Marlene Parkinson

Neville and Marlene are fourth generation farmers located near the village of Waimahaka, New Zealand. Find out more.

Neville & Marlene